I will be sharing with you some financial strategy that will enable you to have a lifestyle financially. Whenever you are asked of the daily square meal that you are entitled in life tell them they are four. One is your breakfast, two is your lunch, there is your dinner and the fourth one is your challenges. Now, challenges don’t have a particular time that it shows up. Mind you, you want to go out and you are looking for slippers to put on, have you forgotten that that’s a problem? That’s the challenge.

You are looking for something and you didn’t get it easily, that’s a challenge. You want to eat and you don’t know what to eat, that’s a challenge. You want to go out but you don’t know the type of clothe to put on. That’s a challenge. So, nobody in life has a three square meal. Even those we see as financially successful, they also have things they battle with that is making them to face their challenge.

Therefore, once you are able to discover yourself first, these challenges will become a stepping stone and you will always look towards another day of challenge than you can easily surmount and get yourself to the top.

The very first strategy to achieve financial success is:

1. Be grateful

If you don’t appreciate what you have, what you have will get to depreciation state. Our problem is that we focus on too much of what we need and we forget too quick of what we have and don’t remember what you have and you cannot tell me what you need.

Secondly, learn to invest.

Rich men invest, poor men spend. And to be like the rich, you have to do what the rich does. Whatever you have in your capacity is not just for you to spend once and for all. The ability to invest is what makes you get to that zenith of your financial success. So, it is a must for you to invest #1 to get two naira if you are really serious about your financial success. You cannot be successful financially if all you do is spend spend and spend. Do not save what is left after spending. Spend what is left after saving.

Third point; Save strategically.

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Now, a lot of people just say they want to save, they keep #2 today, #50 tomorrow that is not saving. When you are saving without being purposeful. The very best thing you are to do is to save strategically.

And how can you do that? Okay you are pursuing a particular thing, save toward it. Don’t just save for saving sake, don’t save because the financial strategist told you to do that. So save because you really seriously serious because you want to be successful financially. I once learn from this school of thought that millionaires become billionaires first in their mind before they become a reality. The major thing is that

you can’t make money with your body, soul, eyes. No. You can’t have breakthrough with those parts we are seeing. No.

Everything you want to become in life starts from your mind. See yourself succeed first in your mind and how do we do that. We do that through process called visualization. Seeing yourself in a big place, imagining yourself consistently doing great things that only people that are successful financially does.

Just think beyond where you are. Think beyond your meditation. Think beyond your circumstances. See yourself, think like a millionaire. Imaging you spending millions, imagine yourself travelling to those expensive places.

Imagine yourself. Another thing worthy of note is that, I have never seen rat move with lion. Let me tell you something. If those in your circle rise, then you can rise. If they fall, you fall. Now, do know that friends matters.

Choose your circle of friends, don’t let them choose you. Choose your circle of influence and not them choosing you. Move with millionaires, attend their meetings, read their books, read their biography, see how they think.

You attract whatever thing you are ready for. If you are not ready to make money, you won’t get it. Always go along the midst of millionaires. See yourself among them. Stay with them.