Self-Discipline in Your Buisness

I once attended an impactful Buisness Seminar. The guest speaker in his powerful speech made a statement which i keyed into.

Most Start-up entrepreneurs lack discipline. They just want to see sharp sharp result. They dont want to work hard and feel the pain. It is the worst in Nigeria. Nobody wants to start small. That is why most start-ups doesn’t last up to a year. They just pack-up (fold).

That got me thinking. How disciplined are you in your buisness?

Find out in the outline below whether or not you are disciplined. You are, if;

  • You have control over your actions, Buisness decisions and flaws.
  • You are strong on your decisions and are not easily influenced.
  • You take charge and is in control of your actions.
  • You dont shy away from being responsible for your failures rather than laying blames.
  • You confidently pioneer the wheels.
  • You are out of your comfort zone.
  • You dont suddenly change your style of selling because you just viewed your competitors profile and feel the need to switch to his/her style.

The Need for Self Discipline in your Buisness
This is an overriding tendency. Its a given if you want to see your Buisness attain greater heights. It’s a wake up call to all who lack discipline in their Buisness.

It Gives You Charge Over Your Buisness

An entrepreneur that has no control over her actions is easily swayed and twirled like a barber seat without a fixation. This is a very bad Buisness strategy. its a problem most Start-ups face. You start something amazing and peculiar confidently. It is going well. You meet a friend/competitor and you are swayed with their style. You get riled up. And suddenly feel ‘Oh my style is not good enough. It wont bring in more sales’ then like a flicker of light, you have switched.

You just proved you are vulnerable to influences. Just as you switched today, you are likely to switch tomorrow. This proves you lack discipline over your Buisness. Your competitors unique style will work for her an likely not you because original always surpass copyright.

This doesn’t mean you will shut out innovations and trending styles. No man know it all. And Start-up Buisness needs all the information it can garner. Being informed is different from copying.

2. You Are Able to Keep Your Flaws in Check.

When you are disciplined in your Buisness. You become a master of your faults. Your weaknesses tend not to overrule. It is kept at bay. Limiting its chances of wrecking havoc. Giving you edge and confidence. To take charge, do exploits and succeed. Without having anything holding you back.

3. Unwavering Decision Stance

This is an important skill in building an empire. It sets you apart elevating your company niche. Enabling thriving growth. A quavering entrepreneur lacks the ability to lay a stronghold in a budding market. As a Start-up, building your self-discipline is a necessary tool.

You Learn To Be Responsible For Your Actions

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Owing up to one’s mistake is an admirable trait. An Entrepreneur that has this quality is respected and valued. This is what self-discipline does to your Buisness. You are able to accept your mistake and be responsible for them . Rather than looking who to blame

You Are Made The Driver of Your Empire.

This is one of the reasons a Buisness needs Discipline in its wake. You get to take the wheels and steer your Buisness to the direction you would like it to be. Rather than having indecision, quavering mind and copying, you dictate how you run a Buisness. It falls expertly to you.

Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone.
As uncomfortable as this sound, leaving a comfort zone is the only platform for growth. A comfort Zone gives room to limitations, stunted growth, failure, laziness and dependency and inability to breakthrough and use your creative mind.

This is what Self- Discipline does to your Buisness.

How To Build Self-Discipline in Your Buisness

To be self-disciplined is not an easy feat. Especially to a Start-up Buisness that needs to encounter quick growth. When you make up your mind to embrace self-discipline, you will deem it an admirable trait.

There wont be a self-discipline without Self-Denial. It is the very first place to start for an Entrepreneur that wishes to grow an empire built on a strong foundation.
The ability to leave your comfort zone is self-denial at its peak. The ability to have a willpower. Which you control enables your budding Growth.

Renouncing most habits that you have relied on is a helping tool. Lets say for example in a typical Nigerian set-up. Most people spend their time watching movies, sleeping and just having fun. This lifestyle/habit needs curbing if you have envisioned your Buisness destination.

Build your Self-Discipline by:
• Curbing your excesses.
• Deny yourself of some pleasures.
• Change certain things in your life( your perception)
• Employ a new trait that your Buisness needs, say Punctuality.
• Add a new growth tool that will fuel your Self-discipline (Hit the gym, eat, healthy)
• Opt for a tougher channel rather than the easy way out.

Finally these tools will equip you to be the best version of yourself. Guiding you to ultimate stardom. I have seen people employ the punctuality tool. They used to be late in attending almost all functions. Deciding to be punctual in all things wasn’t easy.

Well that’s why its a growth tool. You build yourself through it. You are determined to make it work.

As a housewife, you can employ the Independency tool. Empower yourself by taking on certain tasks which you wouldn’t take on normally. Decide to work your butt out to earn some bills.

Creating growth tools that will fuel Self-Discipline in Buisness can be: Hitting the gym and living a fit healthy life. We all know the fitness routine is never an easy one. But people that took that part did, in order to fuel their Self-discipline.