The Core Breaking Storm in your Buisness: How You Handle The Challenge

Have you ever been hit with a sudden ‘Storm’ that threatens and shake the foundation of your Buisness to the core? Scary right? Nobody prays for that. But misfortunes sometimes befall our Buisness, shaking all we laboured for.

How do you handle this? Lets say for instance you finally land a big contract for your company as a major distributor of your products. You have your first order to supply 200 pieces of your products as a sample trial which will determine if you will land the contract. On getting to your client’s Location you realize the products have been replaced with something else.

It is in a moment like this that you realize that the ability to handle misfortunes well is a skill on its own.

In a Research survey conducted, A budding Start-up Entrepreneur shared her ordeal. A panic pang that nearly crippled her Buisness and how she overcame the challenge.

I started my Buisness online. At first, it was moving well. I already positioned myself on different platforms. And i already got my first orders. Everything i built over the months were encrypted on my single phone. I had no back-up and thus no counter measures. My major selling platform was on Instagram and then one morning, i woke up to a hacked Instagram account which kept me logged out. I nearly fainted. An account of 6000 customers i had built. It was like starting all over again.

Experiencing this sort of storm can be daunting. It will seem like all you built over the years crumbling before your very eyes. No Start-up entrepreneur should experience this.

How do you deal with Buisness storm especially in the Digital Market?

1. Be Calm
Agitation/fidgeting has never solved a problem. In moments like this, you take a deep breath and tell yourself you will pull through it. When you are calm you find out that you will think clearly on the next step to take.

2. Access The Situation/Damages
Survey the situation at hand and consider your options. Is it something you can take care of or does it require assistance. If its a situation you deal single handed then carry on. But if it requires the assistance of your team, put a call through and get your job done. Bear this watchword in your mind. Your Buisness must go on.

2. Employ Your Counter Measure.
This you must set up against trying moments. Every successful entrepreneur employs a unique strategy/counter measure. This is a prior preparedness in respect to an event that is about to take place or a Buisness contract you intend acquiring. There will be no room for Flop. And you wouldn’t want to present your company as unprofessional.

Your counter measure could be double checking the goods or packing an extra yourself. This is because there will be no room to lay blames on your team. You are the boss and you take the lead.

But always remember, in every situation you pull yourself together, learn your lesson, and carry on.
The need to establish a Precautionary method can’t be over emphasized. Like the saying goes “prevention is better than”.


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Double Your Security
Use strong passwords for all your accounts. Do not be predictable. Never use passwords that multiple platforms already recognize.

Change Your Account Passwords Often. At least once in a month/whenever you notice an unusual log in on your Buisness account. Limit the access you give people on your accounts and make sure to log on daily so the social platforms will recognize your device.

Take Every Suspicious Activity Serious. Handle any unusual logins with alertness. Also link reports of unusual logins to your email addresse. That way, you get notifications of all log in other than from your device.

Establish a back up system to store your files. This come in handy when you need it.

Make a Directory Of All Your Customers This is a very important measure every start-up require for the increased productivity of their Businesses.

Every Buisness has a story behind its success. Don’t be surprised if you find out that your Mentors/top entrepreneurs you admire have stories that give you teary eye. It has never been an easy path.

Most Start-ups whose shop is their phones/laptops must have at some point in time lost all files when their phones crashed without a back-up system.

The Need For a Website

This is one internet tool that every Start-up entrepreneur that wishes to dominate the market should consider. Its a countermeasure that weathers the storm. Consistent and reliable too. Getting yourself a Website is not only a smart move, but a wise choice. Gradually build yourself one because you will need it in the near future.

Coming Back Stronger and Better.

This is a daunting benefit of challenges in Buisness to those who use the lessons to their advantage. You come back better and stronger.

Challenges can make or mar your Buisness. It all depends on which aspect you choose. To a budding Start-up Entrepreneur, the storm you encounter makes you a better version of yourself. You not only learn from it, but utilize the lessons in increasing your output.

Most successful Buisness is built on the pain, determination and struggles of Entrepreneurs who have experienced one storm or the other. So for every storm, turn it into a blessing in disguise.