To every Start- up, this is the first question you should ask yourself as you eventually make up your mind, to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

What kind of entrepreneur are you aiming for. The scalable one? or “behind the curtain” entrepreneur. Your journey is going to determine the kind you eventually land.

Hmm! that word Grass root. Humble yet inspiring. To some it may mean failure, poverty and low status. But i personally feel the word is elevating.

Scaling from the Grassroot is the dream of every entrepreneur. How and when you scale is of your own making. The determining factors not only play dominant roles, they are the prerequisites to scaling:

• Your Vision
• Mission
• Watchword
• Workforce/Team
• Personality
• Open Mindedness
• Research
• Prone to change
• Skillset
• Setting Target
• Determination


Greatness as it is said starts with envisaging. See your destination in your mind then work towards attaining the envisaged heights. Only by so doing can you acquire the Scalable entrepreneur tag.

The human mind is a powerful tool. Once the thought clicks, everyother thing begin to fall into place.
Every Scaled Entrepreneur started with envisaging tomorrow. This is your starting point to a scalable entrepreneurship.

This is a statement that defines what your company is and what it strive to achieve. It elaborates your components and what your company intend to bring forth. Establish it well because your customers dwell on it.

A sure thing is every Scaled Entrepreneur update Buisness watchword/s yearly. This is because innovation forces you to go with its yearly flow.

Buisness watchwords ranges from: Patience, Preparedness and Partnership. They depict how you intend to achieve an objective. It is your compass to excelling.

To a Start-up Entrepreneur, your watchword can be AGILITY. You can say you need all the agile tendencies you can get. This is because being at the starting point of this great entrepreneurial race requires focus and a strong mind.

You know the power tussle you are up against and its a competitive market. Setting your watchword as AGILITY for your first two years will give you speed to a certain degree.

Bear this in mind. Your watchword also relate to your product and service. What it promises to give. Choose your best product and set a watchword to it.

Coca-Cola used Real as its watchword in 2003 and Open Happiness Slogan was used in 2009. Over the years, Coca-Cola laid a foundation in its unique taste which they pride, their product promises.

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True to their word, the refreshing unique cola taste has been their selling point.
Other competing companies have tried to copy but none have succeeded. PEPSI got very close but never succeeded.

That is the power of watchword/slogan. Your customers look out for what your product promises. This factor determines your scalability in entrepreneurship.

This aspect of your Buisness is very important. In fact it is the major determining factor of your scalable tendency in the global market.

You must have a keen eye to recognize talents. “People bring forth the achievement of people” It is based on their sweat and efforts that your scalability is heightened.

Yes you are a fresh start-up and you may think you don’t have a team. You are already operating with an indirect team. Except you did all the work yourself which is impossible.

A dispatch rider is in your workforce. An online management force is part of your team. A label designer/printing press is included. After all, you paid for their services. You may be using various kind of people at the moment. Not advisable.

Endeavour to build a steady team. Changing your workforce like clothes is not a wise Buisness strategy. Be a great team player. Manage them well and watch them build a SCALABLE empire for you.

This is a major component that will enable for easy market Scaling. Who do you pride yourself to be, what is the level of your integrity and self-discipline. Start building your personality port-folio. Because your customers will know and describe you through it.

A closed mind has limitations to knowledge and exposure. This is not a smart move. You should be willing to be unbiased in your acquiring knowledge. To scale as an entrepreneur, Open your mind to new ideas and technology.
Be up to date and current. Go with the trend and pass through it. That is one way to dominate and scale through the market.

A company that constantly researches is never in a loophole. As a Start-up, Research keeps you aloof and updated. It also boost your confidence. Given that you are sure of the knowledge you have acquired.

As a Start-up entrepreneur, you should be willing to make certain changes. If the trend moves to a another direction, you blend in.

For instance if you are into Clothing Buisness , and a certain kind of fashion trend comes into vogue. You should be willing to change to that trend. Customer satisfaction is the driving force of a Buisness and that is what will earn you a place in the arena of scaled entrepreneurs.

Building your skillset and your company’s should cloud your mind at every point in time. With a proven set of skills, your company also attain a level of professionalism. This no doubt boost your scalability in the Open Market.

Finally, these factors is a call to action to every Start-up Buisness. It empowers you to strive harder in order to earn your company a place high up. There is no doubt that this journey shapes and mould you into a better and updated version of you.