I watched an interview of a top notch entrepreneur, and in one of the questions thrown at her, she was asked “Which established entrepreneur inspired you to success? She responded “None, i have always been my greatest motivator, believing in myself and understanding that i am my biggest fan”

It is not a bad idea to have a role model, one you look up to, who inspires you to be a better version of yourself. In order to succeed in your chosen career, it requires more than having a muse who inspires you to pushing on. You may flop at some point if you are not SELF-MOTIVATED. This is because you do the work yourself.

To most Start-ups, successful entrepreneurs who inspire you can get you started because you wish to attain affluence and wealthy status. But the ability to get the work done without the influence of people is what you really need to make it to the end.

Gaining a spot in the circle of entrepreneurs require zeal, passion and above all Self-Motivation. Most entrepreneurs find it difficult motivating themselves. This article will explore hints on ways to boost your self-motivation.

• Find your interest
• Set goals in your chosen interest
• Announce your goals
• Track your progress
• Partition your workload into little chunks from simple tasks to bigger ones
• Align yourself with optimism
• Use fillers

FIND YOUR INTEREST Choose the career of your interest. What kind of Buisness interests you. Hair Buisness, Skincare? Food? Are you aligned with what you love? Or you are just there to kill time. If you run a Buisness you don’t really enjoy, but are there because its a profitable Buisness, use an aspect of it that interest you which is the money in it. That will be your motivation to strive come rain come sun.

A hint to finding your path is considering what people say you do best. That skill/action you perform effortlessly with ease is in tune with your field of interest. You can’t slave your life away, running a Buisness you sigh and heave before dragging yourself out from the bed every morning.

You will constantly loose motivation. But when you are in line with your field of interest, you will constantly be self-motivated.

Map out your goals in the Buisness you have established and set targets towards achieving it. Decide on where your Buisness will be in the next two years and work towards it.

A childhood friend i re-united with told me about her newly established clothing line in Lagos. She made a statement “I will go global in the next two years ” . This is a practical Buisness goal announcement. And i bet she must have announced to some other people. I never doubted her.

She is in line with her field of interest. During our school days, is either you find sketchbook and pencil with her, or you find her drawing/making sketches of gowns and various designs of skirts. I could remember saying to her “instead of you to submit designs of your sketches to a fashion company, you are here wasting your talent”.

When you announce your goals, you are motivated to make efforts towards the growth and development of your Buisness.

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Follow up on your efforts and how far you have come in your Buisness. Monitor your achievements. It motivates you to strive on.

PARTITION YOUR WORKLOAD Break up the tasks in your Buisness, from simple to complex. Do not work in chunks. It may weigh you down and de-motivate you.
Start from the simple tasks in your Buisness and gradually work your way to more complex ones. That way, you are able to keep your spirits motivated.


Position yourself in an optimistic environment and among people who are positive in life. Engage in Buisness meetings with entrepreneurs who are running similar race as you. It will boost your motivation.

When you are in a negative situation or people who often give off negative vibes, It affects your mood and motivation. So choose your circle well. And always refresh your mind with positivity.

USE FILLERS. You don’t have to run the path of Success alone. Engage in a hobby/social activity. Find something you love and ease tension. “All work and no play makes Tom de-motivated”. Even school children are given break after hours of workload in school. It is to motivate them to study.

Find a recreational activity you love. Or hangout with friends, catch your fun and come back energized to dig into work.
Most people use sleep as a getaway. Funny but it works for them. They simply take few days getting enough sleep. And they come back refreshed.

To movie lovers, delve into some couple of CDS and get your motivation back into Buisness. This strategy works for 70 percent of Buisness owners. This is because when you are stressed, you lack the motivation to perfectly run your Buisness. But after a couple of tension easers , your motivation is boosted.

Finally, to become a self-motivated entrepreneur, access your achievements in life so far and ask yourself if that is where you want to be. If no, then that should motivate you to get your buisness kicking, in a way that the results will justify the means.

To every Start-up, You are your no 1 cheerleader. And envisioning the big picture is not possible without the major protagonist. Which is you the entrepreneur.