Its quite a tough and competitive world out there on Instagram platform. Millions of Businesses marketing to be notice on the same platform. Most selling the same thing. Record has it social media platform is not looking to pack up soon. Rather, innovative ways of boosting engagement are been discovered.

What do you do in a changing world? How do you get your Buisness noticed across this platform involving millions of users. How can you increase your engagement? Instagram has announced that they are working on new features to improve engagement. Currently they have already released some. Which involves influencers. This is the time to grab an opportunity of succeeding on one of the biggest platforms in the world. Some notable ways of improving engagements are:

• Be Real
• Create Lively and consistent posts
• Explore
• Partner with Influencers
• Good photography
• If you can afford it Use celebrity advocates
• Hashtag uniquely
• Communicate with your customers

Majority of limited Instagram engagements are as a result of not being Real. Your followers want to see the face behind the posts. This give them some level of trust. Establish a link between you and your customers. Find new ways to post on a personal level and watch your engagement grow.
Being Realistic is the secret to increasing your engagement.

This is what gets you up and running even in the toughest moment. Instagram hustling can be frustrating. You wake to an increased followers count only to have them drop. It is discouraging. The only thing that will boost your energy to continue striving is loving what you do. Without that, you loose the zeal to fight on.

This is a virtue every start-up entrepreneur require if you wish to witness your success on Instagram. It took most successful brands years before they could see positive engagement. It is a competitive platform and it pays off when you are patient and consistent, keeping your head fixated to the game.

Employ offline channel to boost your engagement. If you are a start-up on this journey, establish your brand offline. Get your reviews from offline customers to Instagram. This helps prove your credibility. Link your offline market with your Instagram and get your engagement boosted.


If u haven’t started utilizing the explore button then i suggest you do. It keeps you in the loop of the happenings and algorithm change of Instagram. Through the Explore feed, you are able to learn trending news and the action to take about them.

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Through the explore feed, You can also discover potential customers once you understand your audience niche. Exploring Instagram reveal new additions to you.
Instagram has released new applications that will enable you create lively contents. Boring contents will not get you the desired no of likes and comments. Using the explore button enables you find those ways.

Align yourself with Instagram influencers as they can help grow your brand. Influencers can be in the form of a blogger or individual entity. Either in a financed agreement or otherwise.

This is like fastest means of growing your Instagram engagement. Its result is like the speed of lightening. If you can afford it, use celebrity advocate. Fortunately, most celebrities nowadays are seeking for such for a fee. All they need to do is review your brand on their page. This will get the thousands of their followers becoming part of your brand.

How unique is your hashtag create a couple of hastags. This is to enable you know the one that suits you better and works for you.
Endeavour not to repeat hashtags on the same post. Or putting similar hashtags together. This makes your content appear redundant. Hash tagging your posts is the fastest way to get engagement. When you utilize hashtags of various groups on Instagram. Your engagement tend to increase.

This is commonly used to incite comments on your posts. Questions are thrown to your followers. It is presented like a rhetorical question. But in the actual sense, you are expected to respond. This strategy has helped a lot of Buisness gain engagement on instagram.

Respond to your customers on Instagram. If its possible, reply to all comments on your posts. Most Instagram profiles with thousands of followers strive to reply to all comments. This promotes engagement, encouraging your customers to constantly comment on your posts. Because they will belief themselves to be important to your Buisness.

If by reason of circumstance you cannot reply to all comments, then employ helping hands in the form of Digital marketers to moderate comments on your posts.

Several new approaches to gaining engagement on your posts are been explored daily. And fortunately, Instagram updated their features. This promises to make your surfing a memorable one.