Shadow banning or otherwise known as ghost banning is a kind of restriction placed on certain accounts on Instagram. It is an act of banning an account whereby limitations are placed on an individuals comments and posts. Such person is oblivious of the development.

Shadow banning usually occur in a manner that seems inapparent to the user. The original intent of this action was to frustrate such person into leaving a platform. After discovering little or no engagements on his/her posts.

On Instagram Shadowbanning (ghost banning), An individual’s hashtags are flagged/ blocked, preventing such person’s contents from getting to the feeds of non-followers aside followers. This limitation is a resultant effect of certain actions the individual performed, that is against Instagram stipulated rules and regulations.

When you are shadow banned, your hashtags are hidden from the public eye. You may not be aware. You will only notice an intense decrease in engagement. To be able to avoid being shadow banned, you will have to adhere to Instagram rules and regulations by keeping away from the ‘put offs’ of Instagram. Listed below are some ways to prevent getting a shadowban.

• Stay away from posts that could cause your audience to report you.
• Avoid Instagram automation/BOT
• Update Your Hashtags
• Don’t go on a follow on spree/posting spree
• Do not use banned hashtags
• Do not exceed the daily hourly limit of following

Stay far from posts that rally your audience. Most of such includes: Annoying/hateful posts that negates the values you have. Also viral contents with an undisclosed source that may seem untrue. Or posts that sparks conflict can get you banned. Rather than that, it is wise to stick to the rules to avoid account restrictions as this can affect your business.

In Recent times, Instagram automation has been on the rise. People manipulate the Instagram natural and manual way of getting followers to an automatic one. Accounts with such automation, experience an increased followers that are gained through manipulation.

Likes and comments are also automated. This works by automatically liking and making comments on your behalf. Causing an increased engagement. This is against the stipulated Instagram rules and it can cause a restriction on your hashtags.

UPDATE YOUR HASHTAGS Instagram recognises hashtags that are really old and not updated. This occurs in a situation where you are linked with the usage of a particular hashtag for a longer period of time without updating nor changing. You will be perceived as wanting to create a conflicting community on the platform.

Also avoid broken hashtags as this goes against the rules and can cause a ban placement on your hashtags.

Posting more than required can cause shadowbanning. Going on account following spree also lead to restrictions. There is a limit to the no of accounts you can follow on Instagram and that is 7500. Limit your likes to 350 per hour as this can cause a flagged account. Also daily account following also has a limit otherwise you give off the impression of a Bot account.

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In order to prevent a restriction on your accounts, its is wise to mind how you use the unfollow button. Because Instagram has a limit to the no of accounts you unfollow in a day. This is because an automatic unfollow system has no limit. It follows and unfollows at a speed not similar to a manual one.

There are a number of hashtags that are not allowed to be used on Instagram. This is because most people hide behind the innocent looking hashtags to carry out their deed. Also most of the banned hashtags are used in disguise to post banned pictures.

Each year, Instagram releases new banned hash tags based on the activity of people. And most at times, bans are lifted from some of these hashtags once Instagram realizes activities involving those hashtags have normalized.

This year #happythanksgiving was banned and accounts that still used them were flagged. Yes most hashtags have a temporary ban to them. But it is safe avoid them altogether.


followforfollow #woman #womancrushwednesday #women #workflow #youngmodel #your_sinful_memory #adultlife #adulting #alone #always #attractive #assday #afourchamberedheart #africanexpeditions #beautyblogger #beautydirectory #besties #books #brain #babes #dm #date #dating #dadylove #dogsofinstagrame #elevator #easter #girlsonly #hotweather #hustler #ig #ilovemyinstagram #instababy #instamood #like #likeforlike #tig.

It is adviced that before using any hashtag, you check if its a banned one. One tip at knowing a banned hashtag is if it doesn’t come up in the search.

Futhermore, avoiding shadowbanning also require that you don’t tag more than 20 users in your post. Group direct messaging must not exceed 15 recipients. Deviating from these can cause a ban on your hashtags.

For a smooth and efficate projection of your hashtags/Instagram account, it is wise that you stick to the stipulated rules. In order not to be reduced to a ghost Instagram user.