Branding is a big and important aspect of Buisness. This is one of the first aspects of your Buisness that you develop independently. It is based on the popular adage that you are your brand. To establish a brand, you need to take cognizance of who you are and what you represent.

Branding takes years to successfully pull of. It is not a day feat. Concentrate on building a brand that will be consistent and always represent you in the long run. Below are some tips on the effective way to that:

• Define your brand what do u stand for?
• Identify your driving force
• Stand for Something. Find ways to connect emotionally
• Don’t try to emulate the looks of big brand
• Connect with your audience
• Product leadership.
• Figure out who you are. Because you are your brand outline the key qualities and benefits your brand offer.

Top brands like Coca-Cola have a definite brand with a global identity. Anywhere it is seen, its recognized. Most entrepreneurs mistake brand to simply mean having a logo, a beautiful Buisness name with colourful product labels. Bingo! Brand is ready.

Brand is more significant. It is your years of achievement. More like your Buisness legacy. And in order to successfully pull that off, you have to be able to make a definition of what your brand is going to symbolize overtime.

What inspires you. Which brand brings something in you to life. Your brand should be able to affect your customers in a peculiar way. Instigate your driving force into your brand and let it work its way into passing your message across to your customers.

What do you stand for. Only start-up entrepreneurs know and understand what they stand for and represent. It has to be a concept in life. How you garner your hopes and dreams. Look for ways to connect emotionally with your customers.

This is a major force that leads to the growth and expansion of a Business. This is because brands whose customers have an emotional link tend to maintain loyalty with such brands. Treat your brand like a human. And relate with it uniquely.


Trying to copy the looks of big brands will get you to flop. This is because you don’t know the story behind their brand. Create a story for your brand and represent it in your products. A story has an amazing way of connecting with people emotionally. Be unique in your own way rather than copying. Stand out, you will be recongnised as the brand with a difference.

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CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. Who are the category of people you created your brand for. Students, elderly people or middle aged? Locate and connect with them. They will represent your brand in the long run.

Every Buisness have a category of people targeted. These set of people/consumers are the story behind your brand. Establish your category of targeted audience/users that you will carry along in building a lifetime brand.

This begins with placing value on your product. Doing this earns your product value in the market. Your customers can only see the value of your product through you. You give them what you want them to see. Steps to establishing the value of your products lies in:

• Product Packaging
• Content
• Symbolism
• Creativity
• Consistency

This is encompassed in everything you need to bring to life a symbolic product. Choose symbolic colours that will represent your products. Choose your designs wisely. Just bear in mind that your personality is poured into your product.

This is the real deal. The content of your product determines the success of your brand. There is this popular Yogurt that has dominated the market known as ‘Fresh Yo’. There is a story behind the brand. That even when they encountered a misfortune, in which production ceased, people begged them to keep producing.

This was based on their content. Their brand has a very rich and unique taste that has warmed the heart of many. Even when they increased their product prize, the quality never reduced and people kept buying it the more. This is the power of a unique and creative content.


This is second to none. The overall hype of your brand. If you are not creative, you will have to think more. Because the caption says it all.
It is what will stand you out among other brands. It is not borrowed nor copied. It is the original you and all your brand represent.

Endeavour to create unique and original concepts for your brand. Your consumers will get used to your unique style and keep coming back for me.
Finally, a brand is what you make out of it. It is advisable to lay an undisputable concept in the establishment of your brand as that will carry you on.