Testimonials are written statements of people/customers on your page or website. A good and healthy testimonial can promote engagement as well as increase conversion in your business. In order to get the most out of your testimonials, it is advisable to generate pictures/video testimonials. As it has been proven to be more effective.

Testimonials are seen as a powerful word of mouth strategy. This is because it has proven effective in converting website visitors to potential customers. Here are some ways that good testimonials from your customers help your business.

• It awards credibility to your business
• You are able to increase customer retention
• It adds legitimacy to your website
• Builds Trust
• An Increase in conversion
• Encourages customers to make purchase
• Cures an existing doubt.
• Eradicates fear
• Promotes the realistic facet of your business.

IT AWARDS CREDIBILITY A credible Buisness generate leads faster than you can imagine. Every start-up seek to be found credible in his/her business. This is because being tagged a competent brand will get you the desired number of customers you hope to gain. A credible brand awards your business that elevated status every entrepreneur desire.

This is one of the star benefits of positive testimonials. An increased Customer sustenance which in turn creates lead generation. This is on the basis that testimonials give a strong conviction to people. They feel their search for a good brand has ended. Thus making the decision to stick to your brand.

Therefore, it is vital that as an entrepreneur, you raise your bar on acquiring positive and lasting Testimonials.


This is a Resultant effect of a well crafted Testimonial. It paves way for your leads as well as generating them through accessing a high no of people who visit your pages and websites. In order for your business to be taken to an entirely new level, be prepared to be geared towards raising your customer’s testimonies.

Most established business find it difficult getting testimonies from their customers. An easier method of getting it is by attaching a promising reward to it. Testimonials can make your Business successful. So start working towards raising them.

Testimonials help generate leads by making your business appear legitimate to people. Most entrepreneurs loose potential business leads because customers are afraid of having dealings with a fake organisation.

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If you are able to gather your testimonials, then make them appear on your website boldly. This enables visitors to get the picture.
Testimonials also clears doubt most customers have on your website. Doubts of impersonating and others. It is wise to make your customers write their own testimonies. Do not fake or create them yourself. You may scale through initially. But It will mar your Company reputation in the long run.

Testimonies from existing customers generate leads through the creation of some level of trust in people who have built doubts as to what your company can do. It also clears existing doubts created by your competitors. This changes the outlook of your business.

The most powerful effect of testimonials (word of mouth) is that you get to experience an increase in the sale of your products/services. More testimonies means more cashflow. This is a tool for the progression of a static business.


If you are to get hundreds of encouraged customers, Then it is a good thing for your business. Because your chances of making sales will be increased. This proves that getting testimonials are not just for the purpose of conversion. They are majorly for boosting customers doubts. Thus encouraging purchases.

Testimonials cures existing doubts as well. You may have experienced trying to convince customers to make purchases from you. But their doubts of what you can do is buried deep. Most of them doubt you not because they have experienced your failure, they only doubt because you are new to business. Just the name “baby company” is enough to fuel an existing doubt.

It is likened to companies employment. They always emphasize applying only if you have experience. Forgetting that non-experienced employees sometimes perform surprisingly well.

It is common knowledge that the duplication of practically all businesses in the world made the fear of purchasing on the rise. This is because a business where too many people are operating leads to a high rate of imitations and fake.

When you flash your business before people. It is usually difficult to convince and get them to buy. This is due to the fear of either getting scammed, or buying fake. Testimonials clears such fear/generates lead, and proves that your company is worthy of paid purchases.

Finally, Testimonials promote the realistic facet of your business. It is an added advantage. It proves that your products are getting attention thus giving them off as good. This is enough to generate more leads for an increased sale. Endeavour to raise good testimonials from your existing customers. And it begins with the quality of your goods and services.