The most common Instagram flops are being committed by users that are not accustomed with the norms and caprices of the Instagram community. These mistakes tend to affect their businesses.

Understanding, correcting and ensuring it never occurs is vital for every entrepreneur. This article will critically examine the common Instagram mistakes to avoid:

• Posting randomly/irrelevantly
• Not posting constantly or at all
• Not using hashtags
• Too keen on conversion rather than engagement
• Clueless Page
• Repetitive/redundant posts
• Quantity rather than quality
• Copyrighted posts
• Setting your account to private

This is a terrible mistake to make on Instagram. Putting up posts that are irrelevant to your page is an unprofessional Act. To stay at the top of your game on Instagram, you should be willing to engage in creative contents that are relevant to your page.

Random and irrelevant posts bore your followers. Causing them to click the unfollow button.

This is a grave mistake to make on Instagram. And it affects your Buisness productivity. Repeating posts present you as a novice, lacking creativity and content. A repeated post has a negative connotation. So avoid such a mistake.
Take your time to source good posts in their variants. This will make your page standout to visitors.


To drive traffic to your page, you will need to post daily and constantly. An Instagram post should at least be between 1 to 3 different types daily if you are looking to optimize your page. This increases your visibility. Thus post likes and comments.

Instagram processes posts with high amount of likes in the Explore feed. They recognize that people want to be seeing more of you so they give them what they want. In order to increase your VISIBILITY, post often.

On the other hand posting too often can also be perceived as a nuisance by your followers. So limit it to 1 to 3 posts daily or every now and then.

This mistake should be avoided especially by start-ups. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. In order to increase your visibility chances, use at least 10 hashtags per post. Understand the ones that work for you and stick to them.

Create your unique Buisness hashtags and use them constantly. Know the banned hashtags and stay away from them as this could lead to account restrictions.

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This is a not so good mistake. Your followers notice when you see them as just buyers/a tool to make money. Pages that are so bent on how much products they sale using their followers rarely get optimized.

You have to engage your customers positively. Communicate with them, treat them as genuine friends and share contents they benefit from.


What is the outlook of your profile page to visitors. With clue or clueless? Your profile should contain a summary of what your Buisness is all about. Include a call to action button that will redirect them to the action you want from visitors.

Website link, WhatsApp link etc. Visitors should be able to give off key information of what your page is all about. Include a bio link on your page, that will prompt visitors to click and be redirected to where you want them to take action.

You are making a huge mistake when you rely on the quantity of posts you have on your profile rather than quality.
Quantity will make your page appear ‘content filled’ to the brim. But quality will stand you out. Endeavour to post quality and creative content if you are looking to be discovered.

COPYRIGHTED POSTS This is a huge turn off and unprofessional tendency. Stealing someone’s content and passing it as yours is a huge Instagram mistake that soils your personality and that of your brand. If you must copy, give credit to the original content creators.

Several cases of Scaled Brands whom when they were still start-ups, plagiarized and copied contents for their posts.
Now that they are established. They are constantly faced with accusations of copyright and fraud.

If you are looking to be recognised as a top and established global brand in the near future, stay far from copyright/plagiarism. Because you may face law suites of stealing content .

Except you are not looking to be discovered, setting your Account to Private rather than Public will cause your page visibility to hit rock bottom. So check your settings to see if your Instagram page is on Public view.

A Private Buisness page has limitations. There are certain posts and people you will not discover. Also your page will be limited to optimisation. In order to avoid these, set your account to Public view.
If you avoid these Instagram mistakes, your Buisness is headed towards growth, expansion and increased productivity.