Viewing Instagram platform like other social media system is one huge mistake a lot of entrepreneurs make. Selling your products on Instagram is possible. Millions of people troop in daily, scrolling through feeds and searching for creative content.

Instagram and its features varies. And in order to run a successful Ad, You need to understand the metrics/algorithms and how they work.
If you are not reaping benefits from your Instagram Ads, there is a high possibility that it is not DELIVERING. Having your Ad approved is an entirely different ball game to getting your Ads delivered to your targeted audience.

Most entrepreneurs complain their Ad doesn’t get enough engagement. They don’t get responses and comments from Instagram users. It is either they don’t see your ads in their feed, or its viewed by the wrong audience (people who doesn’t need the products).

It might as well be that the selected audience base, is below average. This affects the population of people who should be viewing your Ads. This is one of the reason your Ads fail to deliver.

There are certain factors that affect the SUCCESSFUL delivery/profitability of your Ads. They include:

• Wrong audience selection
• Not engaging with your customers
• Not proof reading
• Ad design that is not Catchy
• Creativity
• Visual focus
• Video Ad
• User generated content
• Ads without perks
• Account set to private


Knowing your audience is the beginning of running a successful Ad. You have to understand the kind of customers that your product is meant for. A lingerie fashion company targets women. Including men in the audience selection will only lead to a poor delivery of your Ads.

When you target the wrong audience in your Ad, You will simply waste time and resources. Understand the category of people that will buy your products and target them.

YOUR PERSONAL AUDIENCE SELECTION This is a big factor in the limitation of effective Ad engagements. Most Buisness owners select their range of audience, save and make use of it whenever they run Ads. Before selecting your Personal Audience. Have the following in mind:

• Your selected audience may have set their CHOICE OF AD PREFERENCE TO “I DONT WANT TO SEE ADS” In most cases, this happens. Causing a fall in egagements.
• Instagram Algorithm changes and only Instagram understand when and how. Sometimes it is better to allow Instagram choose audience for you. When these factors are active, Your Personal selected choice will not enable your Ads RUN EFFECTIVELY.

Most Entrepreneur ignore comments on their Ads. This can hurt your returns. When you ignore comments on your Ad, you loose potential sales. This can also turn intending customers off. In order to ensure the successful delivery of your Ads, Engage with your customers and realize the effectiveness of customer engaged Ads.

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Having a lot of errors on your Ad could be seen as a huge turn off. It looks tacky and unprofessional. Research has shown that Brands that constantly upload error posts loose their followers.

You wouldn’t want to have an error filled write-up on your posts, so endeavour to edit and proof read your posts before uploading them. This ensures that your Ads are met with positive engagement.

How is your Ad design. Is it catchy and well highlighted? If yes, then your Ads will definitely work. But if otherwise, you could be causing certain limitations on your Ads.

Instagram is a competitive platform with over 600million users trooping in and out daily. Instagram was originally built as a visual company for sharing images before it made provisions for other aspects.

Even as it is, Its main feature remained the visual aspect. A platform that its users is accustomed to high quality pictures and videos will have nothing less. Instagram users encounter creative images as they scroll through their feed.

So if you want your Ads to make it through the competitive platform with thousands of people selling the same thing you do, you should be willing to run a CREATIVE AD, You must ensure that your Ads are VISUALLY top notch.

To ensure proper Ad engagement, you have to focus on more images than text. Instagram users find long text boring. They are speedily scrolling through millions of post. Most with high quality visuals. To gain their attention, your Ad must be flashy and creative with less text.

Always opt for more videos than images. This is because your customers respond more to when they see the products they are buying in motion. Rather than static.

This gives a level of trust from your customers. Seeing people testify and use your products lead to a more positive response. It pays off when it comes from a customer. Utilize this approach to get a more engaged Ad.

This is one of the major reasons your Instagram AD doesn’t work. Ads with an OFFER/DISCOUNT pays off more and gives a high rate of engagement. If your Instagram Ad lacks the neccessary engagements, consider running SALES to boost your Buisness.

Series of factors contribute to the limited effectiveness of Ads. To start-ups that are new to instagram, ensure that your account is not set to private. Because if it is, Ads will not deliver. And when sponsoring an Ad, endeavour to set it to Instagram Feed Placement. This will enable it run effectively.