Buisness Roadmap: A Growth Tool for Start-ups

I remember the first time i came across the word roadmap. It was at a buisness Seminar. We were told to sketch a road map on how we will establish our buisnesses. WHAT we intend to do and HOW to do it.

I remember vividly asking “Roadmap to what destination please? It was met with a humorous uproar.

You probably must have heard phrases like marketing roadmap or digital roadmap used severally. And you probably wonder what it means (like me before i learnt). Or you are already aquainted with it.

Roadmap is the “WHAT you intend to do in your buisness and the HOW you intend to go about it” It is your strategic step by step plan/milestones you set for your buisness inorder to achieve your set goal.

Without Roadmap, you will keep rigmaroling in your buisness, wasting funds, time and energy. This is not the path for your buisness spurting growth.

Mind you each individuals roadmap differs. This article will outline strategic Plans/milestones every Start-up requires. At the end of the article, you will be able to map out steps you need to take and FOLLOW UP on them.

Bear this in mind, every successful buisness establishes a guiding principle. Which it refers to in trying moments. I will elaborate on the two major ones.

  1. Set a Target

Where do you want to see your buisness before the year runs out. What level are you looking to attain in 2 years. How many products are you looking to sell daily? Are you working towards positive reviews and feedback?

Setting target/vision is the fuel that powers the milestone. It keeps you going whenever you think about giving up.

2. Test the Waters

And i meant test the market to see how well you adapt. Adhere to the phrase “Never put your eggs in one basket”

Although it is believed that risk taking is sometimes a prerequisite to a buisness breakthrough. But as a start-up, you tread carefully.

Now time to establish your Strategic plan / milestones.

Sketch a plan outline. This will be your guide/torchlight whenever you find yourself confused or deviating from track. This sketch outline will include your format, milestone and style. Your format is different from your competitors. Include your plans/step by step actions you intend taking.

Lets take a look at this format of a Start-up Manufacturing Company.


1.Sketch Your Buisness Plan
Take a seat and carefully map out the steps you intend to take, for a productive buisness. Also include the WHAT and HOW you intend to do it. That whoever goes through the plan will have an idea of your plans

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2.Register your buisness
This is necessary though not compulsory if you are just starting out. But if you feel the need to register your company before setting out, then make your way to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

3 . Build your Team

As extravagant as this might seem to Small buisness owners, it is definitely a given. Every start-up needs a mini team in the form of an assistant, dispatch rider, graphic designer/web developer etc. This is a necessity. After all, no man is an island.

4 Rally your Graphic designs,(logos, labels) and production trial.
This division of labour is between you and your graphic designer. Produce your “trial batch” and ready it for review.

5. Engage in a Mini Market Review. This assesment is nothing but a professional strategy. It doesnt determine your growth and productivity. Remember there is always room for failure and bouncing back to be best at your chosen field. This mini market review/trial can enable you see how people respond to your product .

For that “Boom” growth in your buisness, you have to be willing to:
• Build an online Presence
• Learn/understand the technicalities of E-commerce.
• Keep researching and never stop hungering for knowledge
• Let your passion lead the way.
• Allow your curiosity to thrive.
• Set up a good product photography
• Run Purpose based Ads .

6. Create a Niche for Your Company
How you treat/respond to your customers is a growth factor in your buisness. Set your company customer service standards to a high one.

Train your team toward effective public relations. Appreciate your customers. Establish a Loyalty Reward system that recognises both new an existing customers.
Concentrate on maintaining a cordial relationship with existing customers rather than trying to create new ones. This takes off the burden of sourcing for new clients. But rather focuses on maintaining existing ones.

7. Start Selling

This is the moment you have been waiting for in your buisness. This is the most important Milestone. Choose how to run your sales and get your buisness growth activated.
Employ tools and multiple channels in selling products. The internet is the largest market place with all the growth tools you require in your buisness.

Expand your sales point. Start selling to supermarkets and malls.
Employ distributors to increase your product visibility. They will employ numerous channels and means. To sell off for a specific target.
Establish a referral marketing strategic to increase sells of your goods.

5. Set up a Key Performance Indicator
Establish your KPI and track records of your growth. This Key perfomance Indicator is an important factor on the how and when you make your sales. It determines your growth speed.
When you set a KPI up, you are able to monitor and track your Success
Otherwise, you wouldnt know when and how you start incuring losses and Profits respectively.

Now using this article as a guide, you can create a Buisness Roadmap. That will take your Empire to the next level.

Feel free to drop your comments if you find this article helpful.