Customer base is the foundation of every successful Buisness. To establish a chain of loyal and returning customers is not a day feat. It takes patience, consistency, appreciation and support to build.

When your customer base is strong, your Buisness is headed towards growth and expansion. I will examine the various kind of customers, how to recognize/ handle them, as well as utilizing their personalities to your advantage.

These kind of customers rarely buy anything at first meeting. They are the random roamers. They just roam Buisness pages for fun. Most of them are attracted by good product pictures and package.

They troop in both offline and online. They are like page warmers. Always visiting because they are fascinated by your professional touch. They make up the bulk of your page followers. They just want to be getting updates from you.

Never relent in marketing to them because they are potential customers. Most of them are simply saving up for your product or waiting to get their salary. Getting angry at their queries because you already know they won’t buy is a not so smart strategy.

Looking down on them because you feel they cant afford your product is not a good customer base building factor. Continue entertaining them. Because the day they will buy could be when you need the cash most.

These ones only roam the internet searching for what they need. They make up the bulk of comments you have on your sponsored Ad. Respond kindly to them too. Because every click on your Ad could be a potential customer you will need to re-target.

It could leave a negative impression on the serious buyers. Responding to their “how much” is the best approach. They will end up buying in the near future.

These set of customers can frustrate your life. Even if you boldly caption the price of your products, they will still ask “how much” . Most buyers on the internet don’t read write-ups. They are moved by pictures and images. Going about attacking them for asking the price of your products won’t work.


The internet is an arena of various kind of people. Some with loads of anger, pain and resentment looking for where and whom to unload on. This is why we have a high rate of people fighting on another persons page daily. People with personal issues spreading negative vibes.

You post a product, and they are ready to attack you as a person. Ready to criticize and trash the product. Most Buisness owners as soon as they dictate such comments, they use the hide button to keep it hidden.

This is where you employ Buisness diplomacy in your response to their attacks. Most utilize sarcastic remarks and derogatory speeches. All these to ruffle you.

If you can’t ignore, then apply a diplomatic sarcasm to correct negative notions on your product or your company.

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These set of customers pride themselves. They always want to be appreciated and recognised. They never fail to remind you that your competitors offer better deals. You might be tempted to respond with “then go buy there!.

Simply let them know why buying from your company is better. They are the customers whose loyalty can easily be taken over.

Most of them appear as though you force them to buy. It is simply because your customer service is poor. But they stick to your products because they are either good or your prices are better.

As soon as your competitors offers similar products with a better customer service, you loose them .

These set of customers are practically the hardest to deal with. They require patience and competence. Because they can be annoying. They are categorized into two: The ones that never buy (“Time Wasters”) and the ones that eventually buy.

They come with a long list of questions expecting you to respond to all. The set that never buys simply want to compare your products and what it offers with your competitors’ . When you are done with responding to all questions, they end it with “Ok i will get back to you” . Or “When am ready”. This can be frustrating.

The set that eventually buys simply ask questions about your products, hoping to know how it will suit them. Even if they end it with “i will get back to you” they do buy when they are ready.

The ability to understand and handle this set is required in Buisness. Maintaining your calm is needed. If you choose to ignore, you may loose the type that eventually buys to a competitor. Bear in mind that your competitor is anybody that offers the same products and services as you.


They are usually the impulsive customers that make the decision to buy instantly without stressing your life. They always come prepared. They already know what they want and are prepared to buy once it flashes before them.

The Silent buyers don’t ask too many questions. They don’t spend time commenting “how much on your post” They go direct to your DM or your website to buy. This is because they feel commenting on sponsored Ads will waste time. Most of them look up your office addresse and visit or put a call through.

This is the kind of customers entrepreneurs want. And to get them is through marketing your products to people who really need them.

They usually wait for discounted sales to make purchases. They are usually loyal customers who indirectly market your Buisness through WORD OF MOUTH.
They are the easy to please, ever happy customers.

Understanding them and managing all with PATIENCE is the beginning of building a Chain of loyal customer base.