10 Essential Business Skills You Must Learn.

As an entrepreneur, it is of utmost importance for you to have or learn the requisite skills for you to be able to uplift your business and catapult it beyond human imagination. There will be the need for you to possess various numbers of skills to get your business adequately running.

That is why it is extremely important for you to identify and develop the necessary skills you will need to improve in order for you to succeed in the daily operations of your business.

For you to become successful you will need to master the core set of skills required of a business position likewise that of a leader. When you now practice and develop these skills, then you are heading to the top and your business will have meteoric rise as well.

In the business world there is no room for excuse for an entrepreneur or investor to make claims that he or she doesn’t have right knowledge to steer the mantle of the business they are into. Yes, you cannot claim to be neither perfect nor know it all but there are some inherent business skills that you must possess in order for you to progress, add value and strategically place your business into a path to greatness.

In the contemporary times that we are now, there are too many businesses that were once viable and making a lot profits, but the inability of the owners or entrepreneurs to translate the passion they have into the paradigm have become herculean task for them.

That is why we have stated earlier on that there are some basic set of business skills for every would be entrepreneur or investor must learn so as to have the high opportunities of having a successful business. It is of cosmic truth that most entrepreneurs do not really get to understand and successfully interpret the significance of passion as there are limits to it.

You do not just get up one day because you have passion for a business and think you can start a business without you having to learn the nitty-gritty of the business. This singular reason has caused many new businesses to hit the rock.

Why you need to learn business skills

Having the innate ability, strong work ethic and proficiency in a particular subject is not enough.

Why? You have to master the fundamentals of running a new business because it serves no good just doing what you think you are best at.

There is need for you to do all other jobs that need your attention for you to survive in your new business, just know what tasks you have, what essential skills you will need and see if you are willing and capable to do them yourself or allocate the job to professionals.

Well, the choice is yours to successfully learn most of the skills that will require your business to be successful, engage professional service or employ someone who has the skills to do the job.

Therefore as an entrepreneur, you will need the following skills which we have painstakingly picked with the technical qualities you have in order for you to have a successful business.

1. Financial management skills.

Every entrepreneur is always required to have the knowledge of financial management or possess the skills of financial management. One of the functions of finance is for you to apply a set of techniques that many individuals and businesses use to manage their money most especially when it comes to making the differences between expenditure and income, as well as the risk of your investments.

Also, timely budgeting and reporting of financial performance is of utmost importance. One of the keys that can make you successful as an entrepreneur is to know how to interpret and analyze financial statements in order for you to identify the items that are causing setbacks to your business and affecting your profit level.

2. Time management skills

For every entrepreneur, time management skill is a crucial skill to master in order to be successful with your business. Time management is a set of related common sense of skill that will help you make judicious use of your time in a way that is effective, efficient and productive.

3. Problem solving skill

No matter how you plan and strategise your way, you are bound to encounter challenges as an entrepreneur in your business.

Problem solving skill is one of the most essential skills you must learn as an entrepreneur. To further shed light on this, you must be able to make good decisions, take plausible judgment and this more often than not comes when you are under pressure.

The result of your problem solving skill will make you to stand out among your competitors and make your business to be on the right track always. If you make or take the right decisions, you are heading towards success, if it is the obverse you tend to make your business going backward.

4. Marketing

Promoting or marketing your products or services effectively and efficiently is another skill an entrepreneur must learn in order to be successful in the business world.

A good entrepreneur must be a good salesman. This implies that you should be able to sell your products or services, even sometimes you might be required to sell yourself, your idea and what drives you to succeed.

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If you don’t know how to do this then you will need to learn it. It will take you some time to learn it but once you master the art of marketing you are getting yourself an added advantage over others.

In many entrepreneurial businesses, selling is crucial. In fact, if you are into entrepreneurship you should possess good marketing skills.

5. Sales and customer service

Learning how to sell coupled with customer service skill are highly beneficial in the business world. An entrepreneur should learn how to provide good customer service and having a marketing strategy in place will help you to generate sales.

You just cannot avoid both sales and customer service in a business you want it to be successful and have the edge over others or your competitors.

When a customer needs the attention of your business on your product or service, as an entrepreneur you will need to sell yourself, your product or service and make an effective customer care service.

6. Communication and negotiation

Communication and negotiation are extremely important for an entrepreneur who wants to be ahead of his competitors. You will need to communicate and effectively negotiate with your customers, suppliers, employees and potential investors as an entrepreneur.

This is where the test of your mettle begins. You should effectively possess written and verbal communication skills that will help you to build good working relationships. Thus, every communication should reflect the image you are trying to project.

You will need both written and oral communication skills which are basic, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to apply. With constant practice, experience and focus you will be used to it.

7. Leadership

You cannot joke with your leadership skill at all as an entrepreneur. When you have employees working for you, leadership skill is crucial. You must learn how to motivate your staff and get the best out of them in order to have improved productivity. You can even spare your time to coach and mentor your workers.

8. Team building skills

You as an entrepreneur alongside your staff must work as a team in order to get the best. Team building and team work are of paramount importance in today’s workplace for you to succeed in your business. An entrepreneur must learn how to build teams of solid employees, advisors, partners and investors because they are the ones that will help you take your business to the next level or contribute to the productivity of your business.

9. Project management and planning

Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals at a particular period of time. For you to start a business, it implies that you will have to manage a lot of projects and develop a lot of procedures and policies in the process of project management.

An entrepreneur must know how to effectively manage projects and plan simultaneously which will in turn help in resource management so as to achieve your aims.

10. Networking

Learning the art of networking as an entrepreneur is a step towards the right and needed direction. You should be able to build good and solid relationships with your clients, customers and potential investors and have a spirit of camaraderie with them.

This will help you grow your business and give you the needed support to reach the height you desired. An entrepreneur cannot work in idleness. Networking is very important for you to progress above your competitors.


Surely an entrepreneur is a person who sees an opportunity where others do not see. He endeavours to improve the well-being of the people and society at large, and make a profit out of it. Being the owner of a business will always give you the edge, the power and opportunity to lead others.

Also, you would not just want to lead your business to success but also win over your competitors’ customers. That is why it is important to stress that attaining success is not an easy task as it seems to be from afar. You will have to jostle with your competitors to be the best.

For your business to grow rapidly and not in a snail pace you will need to have some fundamental business skills. These business skills include the following and not limited to them alone such as financial management, time management, problem solving, marketing, sales and customer service, communication and negotiation, leadership, project management and planning, and networking among others.

Certainly, there is no end to business skills you should possess if you truly want to master the art in business skills or want to grow as an entrepreneur. Just remember to be a part and parcel of the game as a team player, work with your subordinates as a team member and help your organization grow. Then the sky is your starting points.