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What You Need to Know

It's no news that the world is changing at a fast pace, businesses trying to move their marketing online. Covid-19 locked everyone at home, making it difficult for small business owners and entrepreneurs to sell. You may now ask yourself, why have I not been making good sales recently?

I post my goods and services on my whatsapp status, I upload pictures and videos on my facebook and instagram accounts but I still can't get my goods in front of people that are ready to buy. Selling offline is a no go area but selling online without being able to reach the right audience can be frustrting.

The world has changed a lot but so many marketters still decided to remain behind. How can you still be selling your goods and services offline at this age, oh you think your whatsapp status can do it all? 

A study showed that over 70% of people in Nigeria have a smart phone, with a population of over 200 million people, how many potential customers do you think is hanging somewhere in need of your goods and services but unable to find you because you decided to stay in the dark and keep doing things the hard way.

A Statistics That Should Open Your Eyes

Do the maths yourself, over 5 million Nigerians out there in need of your product but unable to find you because you have decided to show your product on whatsapp status where only your family and friends can see it or maybe you upload  on facebook and instagram, expecting Mark Zuck to show it to your right audience for you, when he is not your brother. Your competitors keep killing it, making hundreds of thousands daily and millions weekly becausse they know how to use the social media to drive the right audience.

Some of us go as far as building our followers like a life time budget, A thousand followers cannot give you 20 orders a day. Compare that to having hundreds of thousands of real followers in your niche, ready to buy from you.

What Marketers Today Think They Are doing Right

  • You think whatsapp status is the best and cheapest place to promote your goods and services
  • You have been trying to grow your followers but you only get about 10 new followers daily 
  • You wonder what people do that gives them so many likes and engagement
  • You just upload your offers without following the proven methods and contents used to grab attention and keep customers primed to buy
  • You only know how to sell to your followers, you have no idea that you can sell to Wizkid and Tiwa savage's followers without paying or meeting them
  • You get so little orders and purcahse daily, you worry your business will soon crumble
  • People only ask "how much" and "I will get back to you" but never come back


But you haven't yet known the power of instagram. Instagram is fast gorwing, with millions of new users daily. Have you ever thought of building an instagram account with 100,000 followers, not in 2 years but in just 2 month. Yes it is possible! with an audience like that you're guranteed of getting over 20 purchases daily. 

Now what if you now scale, You pay instagram a token to show your ads to the right customers, real people not following you, people that really needs your goods and services, people that are willing to pay to get what you're offering? Then your business just took a bold step to greatness and prosperity

get it straight this time

Let’s face it. If you want to be a successful instagram marketer or business owner, you need to gain hundreds/thousands of REAL and ACTIVE followers (millions) if you can. When you join our academy, I will show you how I grew my Instagram page (Instagrowth9ja) from 0 - 190k followers within 14 months and how I was able to generate over 11.9 million naira in revenue.

ig mastery

If you advertise on Instagram, you may be affected by the current algorithm shift which limits your reach to just 8-10% of your followers. Meaning that if you have 10000 followers only about 800- 1000 people will see your post. This alone can lead to poor sales and poor engagement since other followers can't see your post. 

This is annoying right? I felt the same when I discovered this. It took me exactly 5 years of trial and errors and about 500k in self training to fully discover what works and I will hand them over to you so you wouldn't go through the loss of thousands of naira in profit like I did.

I know you have tried to grow your Instagram page, Sell on Instagram or make money but you couldn't.

This is the little known secret to instagram mastery that other online coaches don't want you to know.

Join Over 95,700+ Marketers Worldwide, Selling Their Goods And Services With Pure Profit Worth Over 2 Million Monthly Only On Instagram 


Main Benefits:

  • Benefit 1
    How to start ,grow and sell like crazy on Instagram.
  • Benefit 2
    My 8 instagram growth hack that no coach would dare tell you (Number 8 will blow your mind)
  • Benefit 3
    How to craft a killer bio on Instagram.
  • Benefit 4
    How to create contents that generate more visibility and sales.
  • Benefit 5
    A step by step simple video on how to create Instagram carousels that attracts customers on Canva.
  • Benefit 6
    How and where to identify your customers on Instagram.
  • Benefit 7
    Key elements of brand identity every business organization should know on Instagram.
  • Benefit 8
    How to steal your competitors' customers on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Benefit 9
    How customers testimonials can help you generate more leads/sales on Instagram
  • Benefit 10
    12 trusted and Reliable ways to make money on Instagram (No 2 generated about #540k in 10 days for a lady).
  • Benefit 11
    The prerequisites for earning on Instagram
  • Benefit 12
    My hashtags strategies and my 2 secret tools that help me generate active HashTags and so much more.

On A Normal Day, This Academy Is Worth Over 40K But We Beat This Price As Low As Possible Beacause We Want Every Business In Nigeria to Start Making Sales Online. A Small Upcoming Business May Not Be Able To Afford The Normal Price

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Bonus 1

You will have access to my library with over 20 ebooks and materials on Social media Marketing, Copywriting, Personal development and Finance.

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A video tutorial on how to resolve ad account billing and payment issues in 10 seconds.

Value ₦5,000 Only

Bonus 3

6 Murdering Reasons why your Instagram ad got rejected and solutions

Value ₦2,500 Only

Bonus 4

A simple step by step video tutorial on how to create ad on Instagram from scratch.(Not knowing this could cost you 20k

Value ₦20,000 Only

Bonus 5

Tested and Trusted Best ways to create Instagram ads contents (images/Videos) that generate multiple sales

Value ₦3,000

are you still wondering if this is for you?

You must have seen so many oppurtunities but you let them slip by, You keep using trial and error to make sales online but your sales still surfer. You pay people to help you and at times they don't give you expected result but you pay for their failures anyway.

Now is the time to break that barrier of begging customers to buy from you, Customers should be the ones rushing your goods and services but until you start doing things the right way,



  • Suffer poor sales on Instagram.
  • Waste precious time growing your page.
  • Struggle with Poor instagram engagement.
  • Pay more for instagram ads

But in 2021 we cannot let that happen to businesses again, we are determined to help small busniesses and entrepreneurs breakthrough, so once we have 100 serious marketers ready to learn, we will return the price back to ₦15,000 and probably close the portal


 My name is Instagrowth9ja

I am an expert on Instagram and one of the most feared Online & Digital Marketer in Africa.
I have helped over 30000 businesses and Individuals tripled their sales on Instagram in the past 12 months.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If for any reason, you didn't get the value you were assured from this training, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your joined. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

Who is this training for?

It is for everyone who want to grow their Instagram followers, fast track their sales, Make at least 500k monthly and become proficient at all the marketing tools available and also keep up to date with all of the new Instagram features. This training is arguably the most comprehensive instagram training currently.

How do I join this training? 

The venue is Telegram. Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email containing the group link where you'll be able to access the full training tutorials and materials.

How fast can I see results?

You will see the results days or weeks after you start implementing tips and tricks you learnt.

Is there any guarantee? 

Yes, I'm about to give you a course that is worth hundreds of thousands of naira for almost free and the crazy part is you have a 30 days 100% Money back guarantee if you didn't learn anything.